Sunday was Super!!

Now I know you have questions about these cookies that I made for our Super Bowl party. ( I believe their successful completion makes me a Level 1 Cookie Goddess.)
Just to make it fun, see if you can guess the question by reading the answers first.. (the questions appear at the bottom of the post).
1.  Yes I did.
2.  Hours.
3.  It’s easier than you think.
4.  Labor of love, mostly.
5.  Yes, I know they’re supposed to be black!  It’s just a representation for crying out loud!
6.  With a toothpick.
7.  Yes, there was fighting.  12 cookies, 30 people… you do the math!
8.  I was on the fence.
Now that football season is over … I need to find something to do with my Sunday afternoons.  That big rodent up in Pennsylvania said spring will be here early, so I should probably start thinking about my garden.  And go to the gym and clean my house… oh and work on my taxes.  (Forgot about that… ugh… someone stab me please.)
The Questions
1.  Did you make these?!?!
2.  How long did it take you?
3.  Was it hard to do?
4.  Why in the world would you spend so much time and effort into them?
5.  But… aren’t the Steeler’s helmets black?
6.  How did you make those little things on the Steeler’s helmets?
7.  Did people fight over who got a cookie?
8.  Who did you root for?

Oh Big Ben... you let us down... So we had to eat your arms!

Thanks to everyone who came to watch the game and party with us!!  Fun times!
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1 Response to Sunday was Super!!

  1. Jo Ann Weber says:

    You are truly an artist !!!

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